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Amsterdam Club Guide

Nights out in Amsterdam are usually filled with glitz and glamour, with most of the city’s hottest spots mixing stylish décor with gorgeous clientele. Partygoers looking for a touch of the VIP club scene should dress to impress – bar queues are meant for those looking to see and be seen. If you’re looking for a relaxed scene, check out one of the city’s many stylish cocktail lounges. Are you a music lover? Amsterdam hosts bands from across the globe who come to rock out in some of the coolest and most acoustically astounding venues around. See below for Amsterdam City Tours’ favourite night spots.

Bars Cafes and Clubs in Amsterdam

Sinners in Heaven

‘Sinners’ is Amsterdams one and only jet-set club, frequented by the likes of soccer players and soap actors. Not big, but an immaculate interior with lots of mirrors and designer furniture. Club nights with resident DJ’s during the weekend. Come early and dress up if you want to get in without membership.
Wagenstraat 3-7
(020) 620 13 75
Open Thu-Sat 11pm-4/5am. Admission free-€11,50.


like the Melkweg Paradiso is mainly known as a venue for live music, but during the weekend it sometimes hosts club nights with local and international DJ’s and occasional live acts. Check the flyers section fo more info.
Weteringschans 6-8
Amsterdam, NL
(020)626 45 21
Times & admission vary, compulsory membership €2 per month.

Hotel Arena

Like Paradiso, Panama and the Melkweg the multifunctional Hotel Arena hosts clubnights during the weekend, hosted by local and international DJ’s. The club is situated in a beautiful church which is over 100 years old. The venue has largely been left in its original state, with the odd designer touch here and there, which creates a distinctive atmosphere in this popular and upmarket hangout.
‘s Gravesandestraat 51
Amsterdam, NL
(020) 850 24 00
Open Fri-Sat 11pm-4am, admission vary.


The Escape theater is one of the larger clubs in town with a capacity of well over 2,000. Every Saturday night it is transformed into the spectacular Chemistry, with performances by famous local DJ’s and various international guests. On other nights the venue is rented out to party organisers. The notoriously selective door policy seems to have relaxed a little.
Rembrandtplein 11
(020) 622 11 11
Open Thu-Sun 11pm-4/5am, admission €12-€20.


The Melkweg is mainly a live music venue, but during weekends it also hosts a variety of dance events. Saturday night is ‘Dance Arena’ and ‘Pop Arena’, both in separate halls. Some nights the venue is rented out; check the flyers section. In contrast to other clubs the Melkweg has a keen eye for ‘world music’ trends, and though the hippies of yesteryear have gone every november the Melkweg still hosts the Cannabis Cup. Mixed and relatively young audience.
Lijnbaansgracht 234
Amsterdam, NE
(020) 531 81 81
Open Fri-Sat 1am-5am, admission on Friday varies, Dance Arena €4,50, compulsory membership €2

The Power Zone

Amsterdams first true megaclub with a capacity of well over 5000, located out of city center in a industrial zone near Amstel station. The Zone breaks with Amsterdam club tradition in that it does not have a door policy, and doesn’t allow tipping. This is happy house territory for a broad audience, with a spacious interior with organic shapes like oval bars and round walls, and a large dance floor. Balcony with comfortable sofa’s and chairs. The second floor houses the Comfort Zone, a ‘lounge’ area.
Daniel Goedkoopstraat 1-3
(020) 681 88 66
Open Fri-Sat 11pm-5am. Cover €12.

Jimmy Woo

Hot new club where ancient Hong-Kong mixes with modern design. Black is the dominant color here, with a large lounge area with black leather sofa’s and a black bar, and the opium table is not missing of course. The dance floor is downstairs, with excellent lighting and sound system. Famous for its selective door policy; either you’re on the guest list, or you join the endless queue hoping the door girl will favor you.
Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 18
(020) 626 31 50

The Mansion

The Mansion is a unique nightlife venue incorporating three cocktailbars, two restaurants and a chique range of entertainment. Located in a magnificent monument.