Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

As soon as you enter Amsterdam, you’re sure to notice something special in the air. It’s not the smell of Tulips or Vlaamse frites, but of the characteristic wafting of Dutch Flowers. No trip would be complete without the coffeeshop experience, so just follow your nose to the nearest establishment playing the Bob Marley Collection. In Amsterdam, coffeeshops are the best places to relax and enjoy a coffee, get a little alone time, or just people watch. But remember, the soft drug culture is summed up with one word – tolerance. Don’t overindulge if it’s your first time smoking, and keep away from any hard drugs. For the best joints in town, take a look at the list below.

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam


Barney really has something for everyone (ok, maybe aunty Betty won’t find anything to her liking here). If you want to smoke a big joint, while reading a copy of The Sun, elbow-deep in a fry-up smothered in HP sauce, this is the place for you. If none of this is of any interest to you however (then why are you reading this section?), note that this is one of the few places in Amsterdam where you’ll get a large mug of proper English tea. A good place to bring aunty Betty after all.
Haarlemmerstraat 102


Bad news – no alcohol. Good news – sushi on Saturdays. Seriously, this is a great place to chill. It’s comfortable, has a diverse mix of customers and you get to sign petitions of the Greenpeace variety – all this (and more, of course) under one roof. The variety of what’s on offer is enormous and two huge photo-album-like catalogues help to make the selection.
St. Antoniesbreestraat 71

Chills & Thrills

Central, as in close to Centraal Station, and with a quirky ‘tea-shop’ in the basement, this place qualifies for the title of ‘experience’. The staff are helpful and informative. Everything you ever wanted to know about altered states of consciousness is here, under one roof.
Nieuwedijk 17

Coffeeshop ‘t Ballonnetje

This is a healthy coffee shop. Homemade soup and fresh fruit with ginseng are on the menu along with other health promoting merchandise.
Roeterstraat 12

Coffeeshop Rusland

A great place for travelers on a budget – check out cheap breakfasts and lunches. The other menu is also impressive. The crowd is on the young and hippy side.
Rusland 14-16

Cum Laude Coffeeshop

If you come on a good day, you may find that there’s a 20% discount on everything. You may have to come back a few times to benefit from this reduction though, as the discount days are a little random – which suggests that the merchandise here is of the highest quality and that it’s regularly sampled by the owners.
Langebrugsteeg 7A

De Dampkring

Although this shop caters mainly for the local population, they are welcoming to, and patient with, tourists. Large enough to accommodate everyone. Knowledgeable staff answer all the usual stupid questions with a straight face. Low prices and a dreamy interior.
Handboogstraat 29

Dutch Flowers

Apparently it’s impossible to buy bad stuff here. Check it out. Buy a selection from the extensive menu and compare the results. Call it research if you must. When you’re ready to go to the next stage, they’ll even sell you a beer. An interesting interior and a spectacular view of Amsterdam complete the experience.
Singel 387

Fatal Flower

While no alcohol is sold, or allowed, on the premises, they do serve a wide variety of excellent products and give away free coffee. A nice location too, close to the museums and Vondelpark.
Stadhouderskade 46

Free City

Post-apocalyptic in décor and not for the faint-hearted. Good fun when you’re in an up-for-anything kind of a mood.
Marnixstraat 233

Front Page Coffeeshop

This small and cozy coffee shop attracts a fairly international clientele. Touristy, but ok for being so.
Zoutsteeg 14


Waterlooplein 345


Tolstraat 91


As you can see from the above addresses, the Greenhouse is turning out to be a bit of a chain. The Greenhouse empire even has a mail order branch for seeds. There’s also the worldwide reputation to mention. All the more remarkable then, as the Greenhouse has been trading for only 4 years.
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 191

Greenhouse Effect

Some people worship at this shop. It’s small, friendly, and sells alcohol as well as the other stuff – some people just want everything, don’t they? Its Hell’s Kitchena sells potent space cake too.
Warmoesstraat 53

Grey Area

Don’t be put off by the less than central location of the Grey Area. Amsterdam city center is so small, a trip to the ‘west side’ of town won’t take you more than a few minutes. Good quality everything is sold here, from the organic coffee to the real reason you’ve decided to come all this way out to the Jordaan. The ever so slightly stoned owners are a good advertisement for their merchandise and their dedication to quality control should be applauded.
Oude Leliestraat 2

Homegrown Fantasy

It’s fun to imagine how some of these places came to have their names… The Homegrown Fantasy (as opposed to the sort of Fantasy you get from a shop, obviously) is actually one of the top coffee shops in town. ‘Nice’ may not be the most fitting word for this genre, but this place really is. Nice. Pass the ashtray luv…
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 87A

Kadinsky Coffeeshop

The menu here is extensive and the usual list of delights carries some useful information – the effect you’re likely to expect from your purchase. Obviously, this is a little bit like advising people on what depth of tan they might expect to get from a particular sun-bed. If you’re a blue-eyed blond you won’t get the same results as your half-Italian best friend, right?
Rosmarijnsteeg 9

La Canna

Good place to ease yourself into the scene. This place is large, commercial, and nothing they sell should blow your head off. The music is cool (lots of reggae), they sell beer, and if you lose your nerve at the last moment, you can chill out with a Ben & Jerry’s… Phish Food is good. The décor can only be described as ‘tropical’.
Nieuwendijk 123-125

Lucky Mothers

The Mothers serve healthy foods, as mothers tend to, but with a twist – anyone for a hempburger? This is a good place to sit, chill, read a newspaper and have some full-of-vitamin-C juice.
Keizersgracht 665

Machu Picchu

Fresh space cake is baked here every day. This and the classic English breakfast on offer in the mornings should tempt quite a large crowd of expats.
Amstel 36

The Bulldog

The big daddy of them all is still going strong – branching out, in fact, with two other shops along the street. Go and pay homage to a great institution.
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 132

The Coin

The Coin is situated in Amsterdam’s oldest street, on the edge of the Red Light District. No food, but a good selection of stuff and ‘smart drinks’ are available almost around the clock – 7am to 1am.
Warmoestraat 37

The Rookies

There’s usually a good mix of people at The Rookies: students, tourists and locals. The place is surprisingly low key in atmosphere – relaxing without being dull. Look out for their themed parties.
Korte Leidse Dwarsstraat 145-147

Tweede Kamer

You’ll be lucky to get a table here. This joint is small, dim, traditional, and very, very popular, so perhaps look upon is as a take-away. The speciality is high quality foreign hashes.
Heisteeg 6


If you like your products organic, the Yo-Yo is the place for you. It’s a friendly, neighbourhood bar – not Cheers exactly, but laid back enough for most people.
2E Jan van den Heijdenstraat 79


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