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Cooking Class Workshop!



Duration: 5-6 hours

Led by a professional team you follow a cozy and culinary workshop. Of course for the fun of it, but also to learn something!

The formula of Kookstudio Amsterdam is perfect as a company outing or training, but also fun for a bachelor party or your birthday. The workshops present the sense of quality, product knowledge and the fine Burgundian cuisine. Guaranteed to be a culinary success and a successful evening!

Price 90 euros per person

This workshop can only be booked from 10 persons up


Choose a dish of each group below.


Starters group:

- Salad of baked apple with calvados, a roasted pigeon and quail breast, thin crispy boudin noir with star anise.

- Salad of endive, radicchio and arugula with Gorgonzola and walnuts seasoned with a balsamic / saffron dressing.

- Vegetables and mushrooms on a plate. For example porto bella's surrounded by stuffed grilled and marinated vegetables in balsamic vinegar and olive oil. A combination of cheese is an option. A wonderful composition.

- Salade Tiede Creative. A salad consisting of several varieties of lettuce. A dish in which you can let your creativity run wild. 

- A la minute smoked -and served lukewarm- salmon with horseradish sauce.


For a group of maximum 15 persons:


- Anti-pasti, a selection of appetizers from the Italian cuisine. Think of grilled vegetables, peppers from the oven, quail with honey and nuts, squid prepared in different ways, prawns, shells and more.

- Tapas, Mediterranean appetizers, originally intended as appetizer, now mainly served as finger food.

- Asian tapas, small dishes from the Asian world. Think sushi, sashimi, yaketori, dim sum and the like.



(Applicable only in a 4-course meal or in stead of one of the starters)

- Clarified (game) poultry broth with wild mushrooms

- Puff pastry dish with game stew (in season)

- Fillet of fish from the market on the skin grilled with hollandaise sauce

- shellfish bisque. (E.g. lobster and crab soup)

- Fish from the market with asparagus and Beurre Blanc sauce (seasonal)


Main courses:

- Tenderloin of wild boar with creamy wine sauce core. (Seasonal)

- Venison with red wine game sauce (season).

- Maigret de Canard-Japanese style with Teriyaki sauce and noodles.

- Fish Market with Persil drawer and Beurre Blanc sauce.

- Veal rib eye steak with mild Thai curry.

- Picata Milanese veal escalope with tomato sage sauce and homemade pasta.

- truffled pintade  with tarragon and truffle salsa (guinea fowl from the oven).

- Peche and Crosta. Fish (preferably sea bass) in salt crust or pastry cooking.

- Tournedos Rossini, fillet steak with Madeira sauce traditionally and duck liver pate.

- Lamb dish, depending on season and with a choice of European or North African cooking (Tajin).



The most obvious dessert is a grand dessert consisting of 4 or 5 parts, which can be chosen from the options below. Moreover, the range for the desserts can also be left to chance and we can see what we have available on the day itself. The recipes are always available.

- Various ice creams in milk, cream or fresh fruit base

- Mousse of dark, milk and white chocolate.

- Cakes.

- Creme Brulee.

- Souffles.

- Bavarian.

- Omlet Syberienne, ile flottante and the like.  



Gerard Doustraat 46


Gerard Doustraat 46

Things to bring

-Printed voucher 


- All facilities needed for cooking and dining.
- Apron and towel to protect your clothing.
- Recipies (to take home)
- Expert guidance from entertaining host chefs